Enterprise Social 2.0: Building Customer Relationships through Social Media

8 March, 2011 - Marriott Brussels


Beyond Enterprise 2.0 - January 24&25 2012, Amsterdam - Internal Communications 2.0, Collaboration, Knowledge Management, Learning Development and More!

After the success of our inaugural Enterprise Social 2.0 summit held in January 2010 in Amsterdam we have decided to launch the 2nd edition of this highly sought-after event on the 8-9 March 2011. For this upcoming event, we will be focusing on driving consumer engagement, business efficiency and CRM through social media. As with our previous summit, top speakers from leading companies will be discussing key challenges and opportunities on how to drive enteprises forward into the digital age.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to develop new business relationships and discuss best practices with your peers in an exclusive networking environment.
Topics include:

• Establishing an internal governance strategy to build relationships online through social media
• Building a customer centric company
• Identifying the best social media tools and platforms
• Using social media to react to customer complaints
• Using video as an opportunity to build relationships
• How KLM used social media during and after the volcano disruption
• Furthering the customer experience through co-creation
• Building consumer behaviour through social media
• Carrying out global communications on a small budget by using social media
• Successful B2B social media marketing

Who should attend:
The executives that will realise the greatest benefit through attendance include SVPs, VPs, Board Members, Directors, Senior Managers, Executives in charge of:
• Marketing
• Online, Digital Marketing, e-Marketing
• Social Media
• New Media and Interactive Media
• Customer Service / Customer Relations
• Customer Loyalty / Retention
• Community Development
• Corporate PR and Communications

Official Twitter Hashtag: #es20

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“Thanks again for Enterprise Social 2.0 , one of the best conferences I’ve been to”   Nick Fowden, SONY

FEES Limited amount of tickets available before 1 February 2011sold out Standard Price
Regular Ticket - 2 day conference + lunches, coffee breaks + conference documentation €1595,00 €1995,00
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Super Ticket - 2 day conference + speakers activities: pre-conference reception on 7 March 2011 AND the speakers dinner on Wednesday 8 March 2011 €2.395,00 €2.395,00
DVD after the event €295,00 €295,00

Enterprise Social 2.0 is an invitation-only event that connects senior decision makers in marketing and CRM from Fortune 500 companies and inspires them to succeed in the rapidly changing, highly competitive environment.


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Official hashtag #es20

Some of the companies attended Enterprise Social 2.0 January 2010:

Vice President for Knowledge, Innovation and Technology SIEMENS Austria
Management consultant AB InBev Belgium
Global Project Leader Digital Connection Anheuser-Busch InBev nv/sa Belgium
Director Corporate Business Development Office of the CMO, VP Consumer Digital Group and Graphics Communication Group EAMER at Kodak KODAK Belgium
Innovation Leader SWIFT Belgium
Senior Director for Community Development LEGO Denmark
PR manager LEGO group Denmark
PR and Commuications manager LEGO group Denmark
Online communicty Lead LEGO group Denmark
Director Search & Social NOKIA Finland
Media Innovation Manager L'OREAL France
Senior Vice President, E-business L'OREAL France
Head of Employee Portal AIRBUS Germany
Head of Web Services SAP Germany
Social Media Strategy SAP Germany
Corporate Social Media Strategy T-Systems Multimedia Solutions Germany
VP Entertainment, Communications and E-Commerce VODAFONE Germany
Head of Marketing & Communications Fujitsu Nederland Netherlands
Senior Web Program Manager Philips International BV Netherlands
Markering Communication manager Pioneer Benelux B.V. Netherlands
Marketing Communication Co-ordinator Pioneer Benelux B.V. Netherlands
commercial director The Phone House Netherlands
marketing  communication mangaer The Phone House Netherlands
Online Marketing BWIN Games Sweden
Business Information Manager Novartis Pharma AG Switzerland
Creative Director, Communication Design PHILIPS The Netherlands
Director of Planning and Strategy PHILIPS The Netherlands
Worldwide social media marketing manager IBM SWG Marketing 2.0 UK
Online Customer Engagement Manager Vodafone Group Services UK
Manager, Online Sony Europe United Kingdom
Snr. Manger, Online Sony Europe United Kingdom
Author and Thought Leader on Strategic Public Relations COMMUNIQUE PR US
Chief Strategist and Author on Social Media Marketing CONVERSEON US
Operating Partner & Social Media Visionary Dominos US
Head of Enterprise Marketing Communications GOOGLE US
Head of New Media Marketing Roger Smith Hotel US
Chief Marketing Officer Socialarc US
Chief Brainstormer Strategic Guru US

Day One, Tuesday, March 8 2011

7:00                        Icebreaking Yoga session at the hotel’s GYM

8:15                        Registration and welcome coffee

9:00                        Opening words by KGS and chairperson


  • Enabling real relationship building through clear guidelines and an effective governance structure
  • Producing an environment that motivates and allows employees to build relationships with customers at every touch point
  • Managing local and global internal processes to roll out social media in a structured way
  • Establishing a governance board to manage the structure, content, life-cycles, editorial processes and online communications 24/7
  • Breaking through corporate barriers and selling social media internally to fully capitalise especially with regards to legal and security issues

Jef Vandecruys - Global Project Leader Digital Connections - Anheuser-Busch InBev


  • Discussing how brands can capitalize on the opportunities of digital video
  • Understanding the power of video communications and how to harness it effectively
  • Using video to enhance customer relations and customer experience
  • Building personal relationships and creating excitement and fun through video
  • Maximising and marketing new products, new enhancements, new ways of doing things and new services through online video
  • Examining the role of video in engaging new audiences
  • How video will change the way we engage with customers in the future

Amanda Jobbins - Vice President - Technology & Corporate Marketing Europe – Cisco


  • Taking a look at LEGO and their strategy - a social company, or just social media?
  • Connecting with the consumer through social media
  • What’s in it for us? NO – what’s in it for the consumer!
  • Investigating LEGO’s outlook on the future of social media and the consumer

Peter Espersen - Online Community Lead - LEGO

Tormod Askildsen - Senior Director for Community Development - LEGO

10:45                        Networking Break


  • Utilising social media as a collaboration tool for idea generation with your customers – present and future
  • Co-creating products and services with the customer to make a ‘need me / buy me’ product
  • Engaging with customers and building relationships by collaborating online
  • What are the new ways to engage and interact with customers online in a different, innovative way and what are the best tools to use for co-creation?

Ewa Johnson - Vodafone Global Enterprise’s Head of Marketing Communications - Vodafone

11:45                        SESSION TO BE ADDED

Debbie Weinstein –Senior Director Global  Media – Unilever


  • Hearing how a small business has put itself on the map through social media
  • Using social media to connect directly to your customers
  • Building longterm, loyal business through social media
  • Leveraging the power of niche networks to build your brand
  • Generating word of mouth buzz and sales through social media

Adam Wallace – Head of New Media Marketing – roger Smith Hotel

12:45                        Lunch


Facilitator: Vincent Ducrey, New Media advisor at French Government and Author of a book: “The Guide of Influence”

15.30                        Networking Break


  • Hearing an adventurous, chronological story on how to make the best of a crisis situation
  • Examining the evolution of KLM’s social media strategy and implementation in 6 days
  • Discussing the aftermath of the Volcano crisis in customer perception and impact of social media
  • Exploring KLM’s structural approach in social media based on key learnings of the Volcano crisis
  • An outlook into the future of KLM’s presence on social media

Roy Scheerder - Vice President Marketing - KLM


  • Back 2 Basics - tracking what your customers are saying online about your product, company and service in order to follow complaints
  • Taking advantage of social media’s reach and personal-ness to deal with complaints
  • Successfully choosing the right social media tools and networks to use in reacting to negative comments or customer complaints
  • Turning a negative into a positive – sharing the conversation online whilst solving the problem
  • What not to do – understanding that you cannot just send a link to the customer care email

Colin Hensley - Former General Manager of Corporate Affairs & Planning - Toyota


  • Examining the Haiti case: how social media helped doing social good
  • Discussing the challenges and how MSF try to address them
  • Social media friendly communication - some basics for producing good content
  • Understanding the importance of implementing international guidelines for coherent global messaging

Lina Eidmark- Web & Social Media - MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières)

17:30                        Closing remarks from chair

17:45                         Drinks reception

18.45                        Optional dinner

Day Two, Wednesday, March 9 2011

8:15                         Registration and welcome coffee

9:00                        Opening words by KGS and chairperson



  • Developing a strategic framework to connect your business and marketing strategy with eBusiness and the online communication strategy
  • Asking yourself; when was the last time you actually spoke with a customer?  Looking at Voice of the Customer at 3M
  • The 3M roadmap to social media; the foundations in terms of web platform, resources and experience, internal experimentation with micro blogging and forums and social media for key opinion leaders
  • Building relationships offline to support the relationship online by utilizing social media in customer service and innovation

Nicolai Dwinger - Head of eBusiness, Electro & Communication business, 3M Germany - 3M



  • Discussing why B2B marketers need to get social
  • Understanding the social conversation
  • Choosing the most appropriate social sites to engage on
  • Secrets to building your networks and optimising content
  • Learning lessons and measuring success

Christopher Wellbelove - Head of Social Media – BT Global Services

10:15                        FROM FAN GENERATION TO LEAD GENERATION

  • Understanding how to filter your fans in order to generate relevant leads
  • Maximising your conversion rate by qualifying these leads
  • Examining different processes to heighten your success
  • Evaluating cultural differences in your fans ad the impact on your strategy
  • Utilising not only social media but other online platforms such as communities

Michael Braekler - CRM Director – BMW

10:45                  Networking Break


  • Hearing how Accor co-ordinates various countries, hotels and brands' online presence and social media campaigns
  • Establishing and managing loyalty programmes effectively and efficiently online
  • Harnessing global and local aspects of your company and brand through social media
  • Discussing the challenges and opportunities in utilising both local and global strategies

Vinciane Masure - Online Relationship Marketing Director, E-commerce Direction - Accor Hotels


Social networking is booming in the professional world and is changing
the way in which we work, communicate and deliver value. In the
financial markets, this brings new communities, new trading paradigms,
and new efficiencies. Thomson Reuters has been at the forefront of this

  • Social Media tools in the financial market: Evolution or Revolution?
  • Discussing how professional communities impact financial markets
  • Learning how financial professionals are using new media tools to negotiate trades and drive revenue
  • What are the prerequisites for a profitable and professional community?

Speaker TBA


Speaker TBA

12:45                  Networking Lunch


Facilitator: Rene van den Bos - New Media Architect – DigiRedo

15:30                  Networking Break


  • Creating the next generation of users - tweens
  • Examining how you can sell more when you have an established relationship online
  • Understanding measurements and analytics for targeting capabilities
  • Utilising your social platform to make valuable observations online
  • Integrating brand placement effectively and emotionally on your social network

Eric Brassard - CEO - Woozworld

16:15                  Closing remark from chair & KGS


Anna Ketting - Manager Social Media - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

After a year of traveling in Australia, Anna Ketting started her Business Administration studies at the University of Groningen. Following her graduation project at Cargill, she accepted her first job with them. Five years ago Anna joined the Management Trainee Programme of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Her 2 year traineeship was subsequently followed by a job as senior ancillary manager in the Ecommerce department where she was responsible for the positioning of ancillary commerce on KLM.com (that is, non flight ticket sales). In Oct 10 Anna was appointed Manager Social Media with responsibility for KLM’s worldwide Social Media strategy. KLM has adopted an integrated servicing and commercial approach whereby the Social Media Hub facilitates customer servicing online and where a team of Social Media Campaign Managers develops brand engagement and activation activities with the ultimate goal of driving sales, via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, a blog and more in the making.

Jef Vandecruys - Global Project Leader Digital Connections - Anheuser-Busch InBev

Jef's passion is to encourage everyone across the digital value chain to work together more effectively. Having worked in a global procurement role for the world's biggest brewer that owns brands including Budweiser, Stella and Becks, he understands how advertisers, their agencies and media owners can collaborate to produce stunning results. In his role as global director digital connection he has the opportunity to bring AB-Inbev into the driving seat to become the best in digital class.
In this role Jef has the opportunity to bring the brands closer in connection with the consumer, knowing that the consumer is and will constantly change their way of communication. Saying this Jef strongly believes that digital partnership is capable of delivering the objective in the changes going on in the music industry. If everyone can play their role to the best of their ability.

Emmanuel Cesario, VP of Europe - Woozworld

Adam Wallace - New Media Director, Roger Smith Hotel

Adam Wallace is the New Media Director for the Roger Smith Hotel, a family-run boutique art hotel in midtown Manhattan. In his three years there he has helped establish the hotel’s reputation as a pioneer in social media marketing. His work with the Roger Smith has led them to recently be called what “may be the most social media savvy hotel in New York -- if not the world” by eConsultancy. The hotel’s use of Social Media to build business has been praised by Wired Magazine, Chris Brogan, Hubspot and many others. Wallace has spoke at many conferences about the business success of social media, including 140conf at the Kodak Theatre in LA and Gravity Summit in New York. The Roger Smith Hotel has now become a hub for social media leaders and innovators from across the country.

Colin Hensley - General Manager of Corporate Affairs & Planning - Toyota

Colin Hensley is General Manager of Corporate Affairs and Planning Division at Toyota Motor Europe, responsible for corporate communications, media relations and external affairs planning for Toyota in Europe.
He has worked at Toyota for 15 years, the first nine years in R&D management, before moving into Technical PR. He assumed his current role in April 2008.
Before joining Toyota, he worked as a technology consultant in London, and for the European Commission in Brussels, Washington, D.C. and Tokyo.

Tormod Askildsen - Senior Director for Community Development - LEGO

Tormod Askildsen has been with the LEGO Group for 25 years. Since 1999, his emphasis has been on Community Development, building relationships and collaboration projects with the vast community of adult LEGO fans around the world. Focus has been on lead user collaboration with individuals and smaller groups covering events, product development and co-creation. Going forward, the LEGO Group will build on established brand community relationships in engaging with broader groups of users utilizing social technologies.

Nicolai Dwinger - Head of eBusiness, Electro & Communication business, 3M Germany - 3M

Nicolai Dwinger is the eBusiness Leader of the Electro & Communications business at 3M Germany.

Over the last 12 years he gained a very broad and deep understanding of Online Marketing from the clients and agency perspective. Nicolai began his career at Blaupunkt’s corporate headquarters and later became project manager at Pixelpark, one of Germany’s most recognized companies for creative communications, e-business and technology solutions.
In 2004 Nicolai became eMarketing Leader for 3M Europe, Middle East Africa, located in Brussels. The primary role was to guide the strategy and development of eBusiness and Interactive Marketing across EMEA to support 3M’s global growth initiatives.

He advised local eBusiness teams on how to increase their effectiveness and efficiency in the use of electronic media, to drive the growth of the business and enhance 3M’s online brand presence.

Peter Espersen, Online Community Lead - LEGO Group

Peter Espersen is the Online Community Lead for the LEGO Group focusing on the 13+ age group. Peter spearhead’s online community and social media, when engaging teen and adult fans of LEGO, and works closely with a wide range of business units across the company.
In the past, Peter has been the Country Manager for Sulake in Denmark and Norway. Sulake runs Habbo Hotel that has almost 12 million users worldwide
Previous to that, Peter has been the development manager of all digital platforms at Danish TV2 where he was responsible for developing the commercial possibilities.
Peter Speaks is a regular speaker at conferences within Social Media and Gaming in Denmark and abroad, and guest lectures at The University of Copenhagen, and the ESCP Program in London.

Amanda Jobbins - Vice President - Technology & Corporate Marketing Europe - Cisco

Amanda Jobbins is the Vice President of Marketing for the European Markets theatre, which covers 22 countries and is the largest revenue-earning region for Cisco outside the United States. She is responsible for corporate communications and overall marketing, including corporate, technology and field marketing.
In this role, Jobbins also has responsibility for driving Cisco’s European growth strategy across its emerging and advanced technology solutions, which significantly contribute towards the company’s success. She serves as executive sponsor for Cisco’s innovation and CIO relevance programmes and heads the thought leadership programme on applied innovation and effective collaboration.
With over 17 years’ information technology industry experience, Jobbins has held a number of senior global and European technology marketing and sales management positions with major industry players including IBM, BMC and McAfee. Prior to joining Cisco, she served as vice president, Enterprise & Consumer Marketing in EMEA at Symantec Corp, a global security, storage and systems management vendor.
Jobbins is a recognised industry speaker on marketing and technology issues, as well as a keynote speaker on leadership at the London Business School and the Institute of Directors. Amanda is an advisory board member to the CMO Council of Europe and the CLOSE initiative focused on sales and marketing alignment, as well as a member of the Marketing Society, AMA and a Fellow of the Institute of Directors.
Jobbins has a Bachelor of Arts honours degree, majoring in finance and marketing, combined with German at Hull University. She lives with her husband and son in London.

Lina Eidmark, Web and Social Media Advisor, Médecins Sans Frontières

Lina Eidmark has a master's degree in journalism from Sciences Po, Toulouse, France and a bachelor's degree in media technology and web communications from Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden. She is currently directly responsible for web and social media communications for Läkare Utan Gränser, the Swedish section of the international, humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). She is also a part of the MSF international working group that provides guidelines and recommendations on social media for the whole MSF movement. Previously, she has worked with web communications in the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and for the city of Toulouse in its campaign to win the title European Capital of Culture.

Christopher Wellbelove - Head of Social Media - BT

Responsible for the development and deployment of BT Global Services digital communications strategy, with expertise in developing and integrating social media channels into BT Global services marketing activities. Christopher is also an elected councillor in the London Borough of Lambeth and as a former Mayor of the borough he used social media to extend awareness of the work of the Mayoralty and work of the local authority.

Florian Resinger, Head of Online Communication & Web Marketing, BMW AG

Florian Resinger is Head of Online Communication &Web Marketing in BMW AG’s central marketing division. In his role he is responsible for On-Site Communication, Social Media, Community Marketing, BMW TV (IPTV), Mobile Marketing, Performance Marketing and Web Analytics. Prior to that function his position as Manager Marketing Communications within the sales region “Asia, Pacific, Africa, Eastern Europe” brought a global perspective to his work. Before joining BMW in 2004, when Florian started to focus on emerging media projects within the marketing innovations department, he graduated business administration and information economy at University of Salzburg.

Graham Hill, Partner - Optima Partners

Dr. Graham Hill has worked at the forefront of customer-centric business thinking and doing for over 20 years with blue-chip management consultancies such as PricewaterHouseCoopers, OASiS Group and KPMG Consulting, and as an independent CRM consultant. He has broad experience of all aspects of customer-driven business in a variety of industries, including telecoms, energy, financial services, automotive and aviation, and in the public sector. Hill is currently leading the development of a disruptive campaign management solution for a Chinese telecoms equipment manufacturer/Dutch telco joint venture

Hill is a Senior Associate at Nyras Capital, an Associate & Strategic Advisor at DesignThinkers, an Associate at Optima Value and a Strategic Advisor to Loyalty Factory. He is also the resident Customer Value Management Guru at CustomerThink, the leading independent CRM portal. His Customer Insider blog at CustomerThink has been read more than 500,000 times and has been voted one of the Top10 CRM Blogs by Inside CRM Magazine in recent years.

Mark Simon, Managing Director - Toluna

Mark Simon is Managing Director of Toluna, a leading global provider of online research panels and community technology to the marketing research industry. He runs the Global Technology Practice which encompasses enterprise community solutions (such as ‘PanelPortal’) through to self-service micro-payment polling tools such as QuickSurveys. Before joining Toluna in 2005, Mark worked for Greenfield Online, a pioneer in internet research (and subsequently acquired by Toluna in 2009) and had a background in direct marketing prior to joining the internet research revolution.

Vinciane Masure - Online Relationship Marketing Director, E-commerce Direction - Accor Hotels

Vinciane Masure, 31 yo, began her career in Yum Brands, as product manager in 2002.Then, in 2007, after 3 years in Club Mediterrannée where she discovered the travel industry, she joined Voyages-sncf.com, a major web company in France, as CRM manager. With a wealth of these experiences, she’s now in charge of the relationship marketing in Accor, with an expertise in social marketing.
Accor is a major global group and the European leader in hotels, operating in 90 countries. Its decentralized model with 15 brands and 4,100+ hotels.

Anna Peters – Senior Consultant – Promise Communications

The power of persuasion and mass behaviour is what makes Anna tick. But it is not just the theory she is interested in, for Anna the practice of changing attitude is far more interesting: Anna has gone about changing behaviour in several ways - she has designed an innovative teaching aid that inspires despondent children to love science, and convinced an organisation of 400 people to go 'Green'.
A desire to learn about human behaviour drove Anna to become a Psychologist, and study Occupational Psychology to MSc level. Rather than subscribe to one single school of thought she prefers to use a number of theories and approaches to enhance her consultancy work here at Promise Communities.
Before joining Promise Communities Anna worked at JWT, world's fourth largest advertising agency where she immersed herself in brands such as Shell, Knorr, Nestle and Bayer
Anna's 'constructive' extra-curricular activities include rockclimbing, windsurfing and capoeira. Rather than being an expert in any of these sports, she just enjoys them.

Rene van den Bos - New Media Architect – DigiRedo

René van den Bos is a New Media Architect, specialized in Enterprise 2.0, a video-producer and co-founder of DigiRedo. With DigiRedo, René advises organizations how new and social media can improve your communications, both internal and external.
René is a trained veterinarian with experience in private practice and the pharmaceutical industry. With the rise of New Media, René sees great opportunities, and in 2007 he starts DigiRedo together with Erik van der Zijden.
His philosophy is clear: listening, interaction, authenticity and an open mind for feedback are essential for effective communication. These unique features of New and Social Media are nothing to be afraid of. Having conversations with your audience (customers and employees) brings great opportunities to distinguish yourself and helps you to improve your reputation and performance as a company.
René is an enthusiastic and passionate speaker. He regularly speaks at conferences and corporate meetings. René is a blogger on his own blog at DigiRedo, but also on Marketingfacts, the leading online marketing blog in The Netherlands. René lives in Utrecht on a houseboat with Marcela and their son Felipe.

Vincent Ducrey, New Media advisor at French Government and Author of a book: "The Guide of Influence"

Vincent Ducrey is an expert in information management, specializing in the study of real time information spread. Vincent expertise stems from his ten year career in all areas of marketing and communications: entrepreneurship, strategy consultanting, manager communities, and finally new media adviser at the French Government.
Throughout his career, Vincent has collected a large number of observations and insights into the mechanisms of influence and new information channels, that he formulated into a method he calls The Hub management. His book "Guide of Influence" is the result of this methodology that Vincent wishes to share. In addition to being an author, Vincent is a regular speaker at conventions and international symposiums in Europe, Africa and the United States, and also a lecturer at HEC Paris School of Management. http://twitter.com/vincent_ducrey

DigiRedo - New Media in Motion
We are DigiRedo. We implement New Media. With this we aim to improve communication and make information more accessible.
We help you understand New Media. Together we develop applications that stimulate collaboration and knowledge sharing. Applications that suit you and your environment.
Of course we are professional and customer focused. And we want to be so much more. We strive to give you the ‘wow’ feeling. We love you as a customer and want you to become our fan. And all of this we can’t achieve without our Fellows, our extensive network of professionals.
Passionate and no-nonsense, that’s us. Where personal development and social responsibility are our daily motivators.

Our customers are looking for help with their social media strategy. Secure a sponsorship or exhibition package at the Enterprise Social 2.0 and you’ll be guaranteed to meet and do business with our focused and senior audience of corporate executives with a responsibility for social media strategy. For more information please contact:

Irina Kremin


Phone: +31 70 3002122

Please check out a short testimonial from our Enterprise Social 2.0 conference in Amsterdam, January 2010

Clive Roach about Enterprise Social 2.0 conference, January 27&28 2010, Amsterdam from KGS on Vimeo.

Dennis Hettema about Enterprise Social 2.0 conference in Amsterdam, organised by KGS from KGS on Vimeo.

Paul Hassels Monning about Enterprise Social 2.0 conference, organised by www.kgsglobal.com from KGS on Vimeo.

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Itive services are driven towards social business, new media and creative design. Itive headquarters are in Finland and New York but they work worldwide. Web: itive.net Twitter: twitter.com/itive

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GlobalRiskConsult is a young consultancy with solid experience and we are delivering practical solutions in the area of all major risks faced by financial institutions and corporations. We run a unique online Business community, Global Risk Community (http://globalriskcommunity.com) which is one of the world’s premier online risk forums for professionals and service providers. In the current global business environment, the GlobalRisk Community is a unique resource for risk professionals interested in discussing the industry’s evolution and addressing emerging challenges.

Membership benefits include the ability to interact with risk professionals and service providers through a range of multimedia tools including groups, blogs, videos, photos and instant messaging.

To discuss partnership possibilities or custom packages please contact:

Lisanne Vos


Phone (main): +31 70 3002127

Would you like to share your blog posts, articles, videos, statistics, white papers, photos or other relevant & interesting information with our community of cosmetics and toiletries executives? Please send your admission to Lisanne, or send a short message by twitter:


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