Beyond Enterprise 2.0

25 January, 2012 - Dorint Hotel Amsterdam Airport

Join us for Beyond Enterprise 2.0 to discuss how to turn crisis into opportunity by increasing employee productivity and embracing change. 

This international summit will bring together cross-industry senior executives to discuss key issues on maximizing internal communications through social media.

To maximise knowledge exchange and generate actionable results, we have carefully designed the conference format to be interactive, “hands-on” and productive. The event will begin with an exhibitor showcase, featuring the latest resources for increasing employee productivities with social technologies. The showcase will be followed by  our distinguished speakers, panel discussions and a “hands-on” brainstorming workshop session.

Topics include:

  • Maximising internal communications through social media tools and platforms 
  • Creating a strong brand internally whilst building motivation through video
  • Building international communities, driving collaboration and expertise sharing by taking advantage of social media
  • Understanding how to roll out an Enterprise 2.0 Strategy across the whole company globally
  • Creating internal guidelines and a governance policy to ensure social media will be used in the most effective and appropriate way internally
  • Effectively measuring ROI
  • Incorporating online and social media tools into traditional Intranet platforms and communications
  • How to ensure employee usage and engagement of Enterprise 2.0 initiatives
  • Motivating employees through gamification
  • Utilising new web 2.0 tools to increase knowledge management

Who should attend:

The executives that will realise the greatest benefit through attendance include CIO, SVPs, VPs, Board Members, Directors, Senior Managers, Executives in charge of:

  • Corporate Communications
  • B2E / Employee Communications
  • Internal Communications
  • Employee / B2E Portal
  • Communications
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Webmaster
  • Social Media / Electronic Media / New Media / Interactive Media
  • eBusiness
  • Enterprise 2.0
  • Intranet
  • IT
  • Innovation
  • HR Systems
  • Digital Communications
  • Knowledge Management

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Beyond Enterprise 2.0 is the new must attend event that connects Internal Communication and senior IT Directors from different industries and inspires them to succeed in the rapidly changing, highly competitive world by using social media technology to improve internal communication, employee productivity and workforce collaboration.

In order to keep a healthy percentage of vendors vs buyers, we reserve the right to close registration for solution providers when we feel we have reached the limit.


BE20 Conference Sessions:

The Dos and Dont's of Enterprise Social Adoption: Stories From The Oil Patch

A 57-year-old oil and energy exploration company might seem like an unlikely candidate to deliver cutting-edge social networking technolo- gies to employees across the globe, but that’s been the story of Apache Corp. The Houston, Texas-based company has leveraged the tibbr® social computing platform to collaborate across geographically distrib- uted teams and reduce the friction necessary for employees to share critical information – including at drilling sites – with one another in real time. In this session, learn how their workforce is harnessing social computing to transform its business.

Andrew Barendrecht - Collaboration Strategist, Apache Corp.

Effectively rolling out an enterprise 2.0 strategy globally 

  • Managing global operations when you are a multi-national organization with many business units operating in many local markets
  • Discussing language, cultural, behavioural and usage differences in your workforce and how this will impact internal messages, channels and tools
  • Examining how you can successfully govern, manage and drive strategies internationally
  • Efficiently measuring global adoption whilst measuring the ROI on a local level

Maria Serra - Head of Business Practice Collaboration and End User Workplace - Ericsson 

Enterprise 2.0: Your Teams. Your Information. Your Way.

Neal Fiske, Business Development Manger & Gavin Adam, Head of Product Management - Formicary Collaboration Group

Discussing ways to transform the enterprise corporate intranet from a broadcasting channel to productivity tool

  • Transforming your Intranet and content from being corporate driven messages to department driven
  • Learning how Ahold are decentralizing communications by allowing departments to set up their own groups to maximise targeted information and minimize information overload
  • Re-launching the Intranet after evaluating employees needs and wants through focus groups and surveys
  • Providing departments with the tools and training they need to communicate directly with their teams effectively and efficiently
  • Exploring Ahold’s governance and guidelines on employee communications and ownership
  • Maximising productivity by reducing ‘spam’ and consolidating information within functions
  • Hearing how the platform is powered by Google – the efficiencies through Google analytics, capability behind the tools, accessibility and the opportunities in Google+ platforms

Tim Drury - CEO - White Stratus

Improving employee engagement through enterprise 2.0 initiatives 

  • Building business understanding through innovative communications initiatives
  • Creating advocates for the business by providing employees with the right information at the right time
  • Increasing motivation and engagement by creating conversations
  • Maximising engagement by listening to employees, valuing their input and crowdsourcing
  • Understanding how social media can create engagement

Joanne Thomson, Intranet Content Manager, Global Internal Communications - Elsevier

Building employee motivation through video

  • Putting videos at the heart of internal & external communications on all available platforms up to Mobile Apps
  • Using videos to reach your internal audiences through a platform that is beyond an enterprise social network
  • Implementing an advanced YouTube Channel tailored to your needs
  • Using internal iPad & iPhone Applications to reach your internal and external audiences
  • Maintaining a video management process in a global environment to make that work

Xavier Monty -eMarketing Specialist - Dassault Systemes

Maximising innovation, knowledge management and social data

  • Examining Web2.0 in the financial community – from global trend to business enabler
  • Bringing collaboration to the next level through knowledge management
  • Utilising social context and reputation as part of the new business paradigm
  • Collaborative innovation crowdsourced: some concrete case studies in the financial industry

Matteo Rizzi – Innovation Manager – SWIFT

How Enterprise 2.0 can bring brands closer to the consumer by engaging your employees

  • Examining how Anheuser-Busch InBev created a change in their marketing approach and developed the ‘Digital Leadership Programme’ where they engage, train and educate internally on digital strategies
  • Developing guidelines and successfully rolling out an Enterprise 2.0 governance strategy internally
  • Discussing how to maximise internal and external engagement in the internal global platform
  • Awarding best practices and motivating employees through appraisals an rewards
  • Utilising the internal platform to share, increase knowledge and use the new tools available to bring employees closer together and in turn benefit the bottom line

Jef Vandecruys - Global Project Leader Digital Connections - Anheuser-Busch InBev

Establishing a measurable Knowledge Marketplace within a diversified global organization:

  • Shifting collaboration to a measurable social platform, and establishing a “social graph” within the organization (identifying “watershed” individuals, “connectors” “experts” and “groundbreakers”)
  • Mining the social graph to ensure more efficient routing of knowledge through the network
  • Filling the organizational knowledge gaps with strategic partnerships and invitation of external experts into the marketplace
  • Replicating the process as a service for other organizations within the United Nations conglomerate

Mitchell Toomey - Head, KM 2.0 Programme, United Nations Development Programme – United Nations

How to successfully integrate social media tools within traditional intranet platforms and ensure of their efficiency?

  • Building a portfolio of useful social 2.0 tools, based on the company's objectives
  • Integrating social 2.0 tools into the global intranet platform, rather than keeping a separate enterprise social network
  • Facilitating employees adoption to generate interactivity and better knowledge sharing
  • Materializing business benefits of social tools and 2.0 intranet

Hedwige Carre-Fiessinger - Group Internal Communications Manager 

Creating A Social Intranet at SWISS RE - what shall it be?

  • Examining how to successfully combine a collaboration platform and an Intranet
  • Discussing whether the social Intranet is feasible or just a nice idea
  • Evaluating and reporting the ongoing project whilst understanding how to make the social Intranet real
  • Overcoming challenges and capitalizing on opportunities in employee engagement, knowledge sharing and collaboration through the social Intranet

Wolfgang Jastrowski – Director, Head Unite CRM, Collaboration & Communication – Swiss Re
Christoph Lsenschmid – Head eCommunication Channels – Swiss Re


Increasing collaboration and expertise sharing through social and innovative initiatives

In this interactive session attendees will be split into groups and have the opportunity to share their experiences and discuss the following issues:

  • Driving business results and building international communities online to maximise projects and collaborative working
  • Understanding the opportunities in collaboration through Enterprise 2.0 tools when projects exceed the typical 9-5 working hour (blurring the boundaries of professional and personal when you also have access to projects via your mobile)
  • Examining various collaboration tools, programmes and initiatives which maximise employee interaction
  • Reducing costs and driving business value through online joint ventures and team projects
  • Effectively connecting remote geographic locations and employees in different sites through online tools

Jerome Colombe - Head of Web Governance - Corporate Marketing, Strategy & Communications - Alcatel-Lucent

Incorporating online and social tools into traditional communications

  • Reaching your employees more efficiently and effectively through both traditional and new communication channels
  • Effectively integrating social media technologies in your communication plans and campaigns
  • Learning about the challenges and pitfalls when integrating new media with traditional communications
  • Maximising results whilst measuring multi-channel campaigns with the most applicable metrics, KPI’s and measurements
  • Taking advantage of blogging, podcasting, video, wikis, bookmarking, IM, social networks, RSS, taggin, search and virtual worlds

Ross Chestney - Head of Communication Services - BT

Initiatives to maximise employee usage of internal collaboration tools 

  • Discussing strategies that will ensure your employees are engaged and will use the tools available to them
  • Investigating how you can bring your employees together online for increased engagement and business efficiency
  • Reacting to resistance from employees – motivating employees to use the new tools
  • Evaluating employee usage to determine how you can strengthen your strategy and build greater engagement
  • Maximising use and achieving business goals by simplifying the experience for staff through single sign-on, integration with email, tracking user activity and connection to external social networks
  • Involving internal stakeholders and all types of employees (office, mobile, home-workers, production line etc) through social networking

Ralf Larsson - Director, Employee Online Engagement and Development Corporate Communication - Electrolux

Encouraging and motivating employees through gamification 

Are you capitalising on games, gaming platforms and gamification?  In this session our speaker will discuss how they have implemented gamification strategies and initiatives into their company.  We will examine this new way of working, incentives, buy in from senior management, engagement strategies, transformational leadership to drive the campaigns and lessons learned.

Sean MacNiven - Head of Communications Innovation - SAP

The Real Value of Social in the Enterprise

Once a mere proof-of-concept, social tools are becoming a staple in the technology fabric of today’s most innovative companies, moving from a “nice-to-have” to a “how did we live without it?” But success is not as simple as building a social networking tool for the workplace. Organiza- tions must carefully map social enterprise tools to the processes and systems their company already has in place. In this closing session, Tibco will highlight the evolution of social in the enterprise and the characteristics of companies (old and new) that are setting themselves up for meaningful, long-term success.

Ram Menon - Executive Vice President - TIBCO Software

Examining how EADS are driving communication and collaboration through online and social tools 

  • Utilising Enterprise 2.0 and advanced collaborative solutions to increase productivity
  • Learning from the EADS implementation road map
  • Communicating and working with the security team and works councils to successfully roll out initiatives
  • Evaluating the current and future challenges EADS are facing
  • Discussing the strategy and processes relating to implementation, communications and change management
  • Delivering new tools to employees effectively
  • Measuring strategies and initiatives through quantitative measurements

Stephanie Chalmers - Head of Online and Digital  Communications, Corporate Communications - EADS

Jean-Michel Baudoin - Head of Common Solution, Corporate Information Management - EADS

You can find a link to download full agenda in the top right corner of this page.

Question? Call +31643001954

Matteo Rizzi – Innovation Manager – SWIFT

Matteo Rizzi was appointed Innovation Manager in 2009. He is part of the team that launched Innotribe, positioning SWIFT as the facilitator of collaborative innovation in the financial industry. He is further responsible for the establishment of a co-investment programme and the Innotribe Incubator.
Matteo joined SWIFT in 2003, where he worked in Sales and Account Management. At Sibos 2007 Boston, he launched, the collaborative space for SWIFT’s financial eco-system.
Prior to joining SWIFT, Matteo spent 10 years in the IT-networking sales industry. In 2003, he founded one of the first social networks:, which is the world’s largest Italian expatriate portal today. Matteo is Italian.

Tim Drury - CEO - White Stratus

Tim leads White Stratus, a Google Enterprise Partner working with large clients in USA, Europe and APAC. Tim has over 15 years experience in the technology industry and specializes in working with C-level executives to transform their business to a cloud-based environment. Prior to working at White Stratus, Tim was a Partner at Accenture where he was a lead in the Strategy and Marketing practice. Tim is currently based in New York and has also been based in Sydney, Singapore and Tokyo. 

Jef Vandecruys - Global Project Leader Digital Connections - Anheuser-Busch InBev

I started my carrier as a Sales Manager within a Telco and then started one of the first IPTV networks in Europe as a Market Developer with this I was at the content
side with a clear view on the value chain from content via distributor to advertiser on Mobile/Internet/digital TV.
Then I started as Global Procurement Marketing services at AB-Inbev this opportunity has given me a great view on the media landscape in different countries.
As from Aug 2009, I'm Global Director Digital Connection within the global MKT division at AB-Inbev.
My passion is to encourage everyone across the digital value chain to work together more effectively. Having worked in a global procurement role for the world's biggest brewer that owns brands including Budweiser, Stella and Becks, I understands how advertisers, their agencies and media owners can collaborate to produce stunning results. In his role as global director digital connection I have the opportunity to bring AB-Inbev into the driving seat to become the best in digital class.

The aim is to bring the brands closer in connection with the consumer, knowing that the consumer is and will constantly change their way of communication. Saying this I strongly believes that digital partnership is capable of delivering the objective in the changes going on. If everyone can play their role within the organization.

Joanne Thomson - Intranet Content Manager, Global Internal Communications - Elsevier

Gavin Adam - Head of Product Management - Formicary Collaboration Group

Gavin Adam is head of product management at Formicary Collaboration Group (FCG) a leading provider of team-based collaboration solutions. Gavin has over a decade's-worth of experience in developing the strategy, planning and implementation of collaborative technology at some of the world's largest financial institutions. Prior to joining Formicary, he was the senior vice president of global strategy and alliances for the collaboration services group at Thomson Reuters. Before this, he spent over six years as the solutions director for Parlano, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2007, to build the group chat component of Lync Server 2010. Gavin has particular expertise on instant messaging/presence especially Group Chat, social networking, enterprise apps, mobile and tablet PCs.

Xavier Monty - eMarketing Specialist - Dassault Systèmes

Xavier Monty is in charge of running Dassault Systèmes’ corporate campaigns and operations on the web & Social Media within the Global Field Marketing team.!/xavmonty

Maria Serra - Head of Business Practice Collaboration and End User Workplace - Ericsson

Maria has extensive experience from Internet related business and communication. With more than 15 years of experience of working with Operational Excellence, Web development, Collaboration efficiency, Communications and Strategies. She Heads up Ericsson Collaboration & Knowledge Management practice, and since a few years, Maria drives the development and implementation of Ericsson global Enterprise 2.0 strategy with main focus on exploring new ways of working to gain new opportunities based on innovation, networking, collaboration and knowledge sharing, enabled by people centric social ICT.

Mitchell Toomey - Manager, KM Group New York, USA - United Nations, Twitter:@mtoomeyUNDP

Mitchell Toomey has been with the United Nations for 7 years, and is presently leading the organization’s “Knowledge Management 2.0”. This initiative, which began in 2009 is a multi-faceted approach to deploying new tools and processes aimed at diminishing silos, ensuring wide distribution of experience-based know-how across regions and domains, and better integrating “external expertise” with the traditional internal policy advisor services. Prior to taking on this assignment, Mitchell led the business intelligence practice for the Organization, working with a globally distributed team and supporting a US$5 billion portfolio of economic and social development initiatives across the globe.
Prior to joining the United Nations Mitchell worked in the management consulting field, specializing in e-business, e-commerce, and the organizational change management efforts for clients such as Sony, Roche, Callaway Golf, and Escada.
Mitchell holds an MBA from Stern School of Business, New York University, with a specialization in Organizational Behaviour and Information Technology.

Jean-Michel Baudoin - Senior Manager of Information Management, Enterprise Solutions at EADS

Jean-Michel Baudoin is a Senior Manager in the field of Information Management and in charge of Enterprise Solutions at EADS (European Aerospace Defense and Space Company). Prior that role, Jean-Michel spent over 10 years as a senior director for IT solutions at Accenture in charge of Aerospace and Defense industry.
Jean-Michel brings 15 years of experience in the definition of Information Management Strategy and in the delivery and operations of large and complex Information Management solutions in international organizations and consortiums.

Stephanie Chaimers - Head of Online and Digital Communications, Corporate Communications - EADS

Online & Digital transnational manager trying to push the boundaries of how big companies communicate online. Coming from a traditional public relations background in a New York corporate communications agency, the move to Europe took place in 2003. Since then have been involved in speech writing for CEOs, press management and reputation management as well as financial communication.
online communications, digital media, audio visual, information architecture, websites, event websites, online hype, social media, European working environment.

Christoph Lsenschmid – Head eCommunication Channels – Swiss Re Twitter: @chisenschmid

Working in Communications, Christoph Isenschmid is currently responsible for internal and external eCommunication Channels such as websites, social media channels, employee portal, intranet and internal and external collaboration platforms. He has been working for Swiss Re for 9 years always in global functions in the area of communications, business and process consulting, project and project portfolio management and change management initiatives.

Prior to joining Swiss Re in 2002, Christoph Isenschmid was working for more than a decade in senior roles for Direct Insurance Companies as well as for Business and IT Consulting companies in Switzerland, United Kingdom and Germany.

Wolfgang Jastrowski – Director, Head Unite CRM, Collaboration & Communication – Swiss Re (Twitter: @jaschi42)

Working in IT, Wolfgang Jastrowski and his team are responsible for the implementation of global standard solutions for CRM, Collaboration & Communication. It started in 2008 when the Next Generation Collaboration Initiative, where he represented IT, established a roadmap to pursue Swiss Re’s collaboration platform strategy. Plans for 2012 and beyond focus now on Next Generation Employee Portal. Since 2010 his responsibilities include as well CRM solutions.

Jerome Colombe - Head of Web Governance - Corporate Marketing, Strategy & Communications - Alcatel-Lucent

Grew-up in Normandy, the country of William the Conqueror, I concluded my education with a Master in Artificial Intelligence before to jump in the real world within a local start-up focused on Enterprise Asset Management (CMMS). These 4 years as responsible to build a new generation of business software for industries help me to focus after on the upcoming 90's CRM revolution by joining an ambitious European start-up focused on developing a complete business software package to connect customers, front-office and back-office in a single managed process. During 6 years, I managed Call-Center & CRM projects for big companies such as banks and telecom operators. This new expertise propelled me as Consultant (independent) to help companies to manage such project with major IT consulting providers. On the technical side of things, I started fooling around with computers, applications and human interfaces in the 80’s and continue to follow this (r)evolution.
In the last 10 years, Alcatel offered me, thru different Communications and Marketing positions to enlarge my expertise in web communications as well as e-marketing - which I introduced in that company - to be in charge of Web Governance after the Alcatel-Lucent merger. Today I continue to be active in that role by managing the Intranet and Internet ecosystems but re-connect the CRM world by working on behavioral marketing and Social CRM within a global Marketing, Strategy and Communications organization.

Ross Chestney - Head of Communication Services - BT (Twitter: @rosschestney)

Ross Chestney is well known as an intranet and digital comms pioneer. He has followed a career in communications, mostly with BT, where he has held a number of senior positions in public relations and corporate and employee communications. He leads the development of the BT Intranet - one of the largest and most successful in Europe. His specific responsibilities relate to content management and channel development, rather than technology, and he has successfully steered the BT Intranet through the many stages of its development, and continues to do so today through leadership of programmes such as BT’s information management strategy. Most recently, Ross has been in the vanguard of the deployment of social media into the corporate environment and is a sought after speaker at social media events.
Ross has previously been responsible for BT's award winning external internet site - and continues to be responsible for the BT Group internet site at He heads up the pan-BT communications channels team and for the past couple of years has led the pan-BT communications function through a major transformation programme.
Ross lives in Kent with his family and has wide ranging interests, including fast cars, baseball, and cycling.

Ralf Larsson - Director, Employee Online Engagement and Development Corporate Communication - Electrolux

Ralf Larsson works at Corporate Communications department as Director Employee Online Engagement and Development. He is involved in several ongoing initiatives to improve the overall online user experience, involving online social media and collaboration. He is the Intranet business sponsor and lead the work how leaders and employees can engage via the Intranet.

Sean MacNiven - Head of Communications Innovation, SAP

Sean is responsible globally for innovation in the areas of employee communications, operations, and PR, both for the intranet and public web. Some areas he and his team are investigating are gamification, crowdsourcing, analytics, mobile enablement, new formats, animation, education, social media, collective intelligence, online reputation and much more.

Neal Fiske - Business Development Manager - Formicary Collaboration Group

Ram Menon, Executive Vice President, Tibco Software

Mr. Menon brings award-winning marketing and engineering expertise to his role as TIBCO's executive vice president, where he is responsible for product marketing and strategy, corporate communications, field marketing, and customer and partner enablement.
His laser focus on executing innovative and impactful initiatives has allowed marketing to play a pivotal role in defining product offerings, strengthening TIBCO's brand, increasing revenue, and driving conversations among customers and prospects through the early establishment of community platforms. This strategy is evidenced in his responsibility for leading the development of the company‚s latest workplace communication tool ˆ tibbr.
With Mr. Menon at the helm, TIBCO has won numerous marketing awards for its creative yet cost effective campaigns, including TIBCO's NOW Magazine, was honored with an American Business (Stevie) Award. The company‚s ŒGreg The Architect' online video series, after receiving half a million hits on YouTube, was given BtoB Magazine's Best award in addition to recognition from the Web Marketing Association with an Internet Advertising Competition award.

His focus on impact goes beyond mere creativity, as he has been able to build a focused demand generation program that clearly maps target marketing recommendations to business goals. This approach has resulted in marketing-sourced revenue rising from 0 to 16 percent in just three years, meaning TIBCO generates one of the highest marketing ROIs according to IDC analyst benchmarks. Additionally, he pioneered a marketing offshore organization that increased global marketing execution capabilities by 100 percent, while bringing down fixed expenses by 20 percent.

Andrew Barendrecht -Collaboration Strategist, Apache Corp

Andrew Barendrecht has over 18 years’ experience contracting in knowledge and information management, performance improvement, collaboration and virtual working. Andrew’s Career started at the Technical University Delft in 1993 as a web consultant moving on soon in 1995 to work for Shell deploying web based collaboration throughout 32 countries and consulting on the European Space Agency collaborative environment.

From 1999 onwards Andrew worked as Knowledge Manager facilitating business improvement workshops together with coordinating 2 large communities of practice for Wells and Engineering (5000+ global users). During this period he also facilitated a complete redesign of the Shell Exploration and Production intranet. In 2003 a move was made to the US where he became lead business analyst working on deployment of the Shell portal (3000 + users) and information management advisor in exploration, wells, engineering, commercial and subsurface enabling more efficient performance for each of these businesses.

After 2006 a move was made to become global lead on records management compliance (5000+ users) for Shell International EP. In 2007 Andrew became the KM/IT manager responsible for compliance, KM, Information and data management in Shell research and advised Chevron on their global SharePoint Design and deployment.

Andrew currently works as a collaboration and innovation consultant for multiple oil and gas companies including Apache providing innovation enterprise solutions and knowledge and information management advice.

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FCG is a Microsoft Gold Partner and RIM Alliance Member. FCG solutions are fully compatible with Microsoft Lync 2010 and Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2.


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