Beauty 2.0 2013 Winners Announcement

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beauty 2.0 winners 2013

From left to right: Agnes Debains, L’Occitane en Provence; Eric Goguey, Sephora; Mylene Thibault, Beyou(tiful) Blog; Aleksandra Frings, Nu Skin; Norma Taylor-Ladousse, Lancome; Kathleen Ryan, Unilever; Jamie Schott, Mary Kay.

Paris, 12 November, 2013.

For the very first time the consumer chose the winners of the Beauty 2.0 Awards – nominating and voting for the most inspiring cosmetics, personal care brands and retailers in digital marketing.

The event was held at the Paris Marriott Ambassador Opera Hotel and included an international audience with attendees from USA, France, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Germany and Austria. Beauty executives heard keynote speeches given by Steffen Seifarth, Regional VP DACH & Eastern Europe Coty Prestige, Elizabeth Fagan, Marketing Director Boots Company and Nicole Ostoya Chief Executive Officer, President, Director Boldface. The event also included inspirational sessions by professional storyteller Lisa Lipkin ,StoryStrategies and Sean MacNiven (SAP) who introduced us to “Fungineering” – maximizing fun and playful customer engagement.

The Beauty 2.0 Awards was created to benchmark the companies who are most successful in connecting with consumers through digital technology.

6 month ago innoCos events had selected 10 of the most popular digital marketing platforms and asked both consumers and brands to place nominations.

Over 300 award entries were received. With much deliberation and critical review, our judges selected the top 5 brands from each of the 10 categories.

After collecting the results, we gave consumers a month to vote for their favorite beauty brand online. Over 15.000 consumers voted and below are the results with the winners highlighted in bold:

Be(you)tiful blog
Makeup Geek
Pretty Proof
The Beauty Department
The Formula Blog

Socialise by Illamasqua
Makeup by L’Oreal
The Body Shop
The Glossy by Sephora

Axe (Lynx) Rise Up: Stay Alert!
Dove Real Beauty Sketches
Five Million Rubles for the Transformation of Young Gymnasts from Pantene Pro-V
Re-Plasty – The Unexpected Project by Helena Rubinstein
Total Perfector – Irresistible Smoothness by Biotherm Homme

MatchMaker by True Match by L’Oreal
NYX Cosmetics Mobile
Thierry Mugler Angel

Nu Skin
Playboy Parfumes France
Rimmel London
Studio Gear Cosmetics
The Beauty Box


@Avon UK

Benefit Cosmetics
Mary Kay
Rimmel London

Bobby Brown
The Body Shop

Cover Girl
Rimmel London
Urban Decay

Mary Kay customers proved to be the most active in voting for their brand, their involvement showed the power of their network and followers.

Sephora brought home the most trophies – winning 3 categories out of 10.

The winners, in addition to recognition from their customers and innoCos events, have received a beautiful custom made trophy. Only ten pieces were created in the shape of the innoCos logo and the letter C for Cosmetics – as Norma Taylor from Lancome said, “C can also stand for Customer or Consumer or Care,” which describes the nature of digital marketing. The beautiful trophy was designed and custom made by Fasten – an international company who share a passion for design, packaging and cosmetics.

The awards were presented by innoCos events and their judges. For the acceptance ceremony finalists were asked to prepare a “5 words or less” speech to keep it exciting and easy to share on social media networks.

To recall some of the acceptance speeches in 5 words or less:

Mylene for Beyou(tiful) blog: “Surprised, grateful, happy, very proud!”

Eric Goguey for Sephora “Sephora where beauty beats Digital”

Kathleen Ryan for Unilever#WeAreBeautiful

Alexandra Frings for Nu SkinWe are thrilled and thankful!

Agnès Debains for L’Occitane “ Thanks to our digital team!”

Jamie Schoot for Mary Kay: “ Innovate. Inspire. Enrich women’s lives!”

Norma Taylor-Ladousse for Lancôme “ Lancôme, la Vie est Belle”

“The Beauty 2.0 Awards is an opportunity for the Beauty Industry to see which brands are staying closely in touch with their customers” says Irina Kremin, the Managing Director of innoCos events. “Those companies who participated, turned to their customers and asked for their support and the results were overwhelming! In the end the winning brands had tightened the connection with their customers who are both now celebrating their win.“

The Beauty 2.0 Awards by innoCos is the first digital marketing awards celebrating the best beauty brands online. This is an international event which started in the fashion and beauty capital – Paris and will be moving to New York, Rome, Shanghai and other cities around the world.

innoCos believe that this event will inspire some of the brands to join the competition next year in New York where some of this year winners will present their success stories and where we will discover new digital media stars in beauty.

Images by our partners VSN Network

More Photos of Winners Here!


A special thank you for your partners and sponsors

attendify 250

Top five ways that brands can engage Vloggers

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Which brands are leading the conversation in the cosmetics sector? At Beauty 2.0, Heather Healy will reveal exactly which brands are leading the way in engaging with consumers and publishing content that their audiences crave.

What is clear is that there is a huge demand from consumers for video content and those brands that have established relationships with vloggers have a significant edge in this sector. As a flavour of what is to come at Beauty 2.0, check out Heather’s top five tips for building fruitful relationships with vloggers.

The mythology of beauty by Neil Gains, TapestryWorks

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9780749470012“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.” – Sophia Loren

Cinderella is probably the best-liked and best-known fairy tale in the world. The story has origins at least as far back as the ninth century in China (where a tiny foot size was a mark of distinction and beauty) and is common across Asia – Bawang Merah, Bawang Putih (literally, “red onion, white onion”) is a version from South East Asia where I currently live. What can modern beauty brands learn from the origins and development of the Cinderella story?

Cinderella’s modern name comes from Charles Perrault’s sanitized version of the fairy tale from the 17th Century, meaning the girl who ‘lives among the ashes’. Cinderella’s status and name is a symbol of debasement in comparison with her sibling rivals in the original story (she is called Cendrillon in France and Aschenputtel in Germany).

Cinderella is an archetypal story of unjust oppression and triumphant reward, known as the “Rags to riches” story. This is a common archetypal story in today’s beauty industry, with its mythology of how women can and should be beautiful, but it’s not the only archetypal story associated with beauty. Rebirth (transformation) is often used as a metaphor for the “instant” effects of beauty treatments, and Tragedy is the story of those who don’t nurture their bodies.

Has the mythology of beauty evolved over time in the same way that the Cinderella story has adapted itself to each new generation? Charles Perrault’s 17th century version is really the one that the modern Disney version of Cinderella takes as its model. Earlier versions of the fairy tale were darker and grittier, and arguably more realistic while at the same time showing Cinderella to be a stronger character than in more saccharine sweet modern rewritings.

For example, although Cinderella is oppressed in the modern version, she chooses herself to sleep among the ashes (see the Disney take), whereas in early versions of she is forced to against her will. Therefore, Cinderella’s ultimate triumph is much less a result of her own character and tenacity in modern versions. Many aspects of the old stories have been cut, such as Cinderella being cast out by her father (a common trope in fairy tales and, for example, King Lear by Shakespeare), and the desperate behavior of her sisters and their ultimate punishment.

Should modern brands stick to the modern Disney version of this story, or go back to the grittier, more realistic mythology of the past? In the old version of Cinderella, her sisters are so desperate to be the ‘beautiful one’ whose foot fits the tiny glass slipper that they are prepared to take a sharp knife out to cut away the pieces that are ‘surplus to requirements’ (in the same way as Procrustes did with his hotel guests).

Although this sounds shocking, consider that rates of cosmetic surgery continue to rise around the world, including in Asia. Do modern Asian women feel the need for instant fixes to make them beautiful?

In research I conducted with ABN Impact in China and Thailand, women across both countries agree that you cannot be beautiful without first being confident. However, for Shanghai ladies, confidence comes first, while for Thai ladies the social pressure for them to be beautiful drives a greater need for using beauty products to provide that confidence. The emotional needs of these women might therefore be very different. Do they need confidence and transformation or nurture and care?

Much of the deeper meaning and symbolism of Cinderella is about the rivalry between siblings. Cinderella’s sisters are actively involved in her mistreatment in the earliest versions of the fairy tale, and are ultimately severely punished for that (each has one of their eyes pecked out by the pigeons who earlier helped Cinderella “for their wickedness and falsehood”). Deep down, the sisters lack the inner confidence that Cinderella has in her own self-worth, which is why they are prepared to seek quick fixes to appear more attractive.

Many modern beauty brands communicate transformative effects such as “skin perfectors” and “flawless white” which set a standard of beauty that is arguably difficult to achieve. Other brands take a different line, focusing on the confidence that is needed to feel beautiful. L’Oreal’s tagline “because I’m worth it” perhaps expresses the need for confidence as the trigger or start point for feeling beautiful.

However, I think the most interesting modern beauty myth is being communicated by Dove and their Real Beauty campaign, which goes back to the origins of the Cinderella story. The campaign is not about ‘transforming’ yourself through the use of beauty products, but rather about the beauty that comes from within.

One of the great merits of Cinderella’s story, and why I believe children of all ages should go back to early versions of the story, is that, despite the magic help she receives, Cinderella ultimately succeeds because of her own efforts. She overcomes great obstacles because of who she is and through her own merit alone. Dove’s modern take on the “Rags to riches” story goes back to the heart of the Cinderella story. If you are a good person, believe in yourself and stick to your principles you can achieve your dreams.

Cinderella’s confidence can give children and adults who read the story self-confidence and belief in what they want to achieve. Surely this is a mythology that we should all believe in?

You can read more about the role of story archetypes in branding in Brand esSense: Using Sense, Symbol and Story to Design Brand Identity  by Neil Gains, published by our partners Kogan Page.

Meet our speakers – Thomas Marzano. Consistently Compelling: Building a beauty brand throughout the user journey

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Building a brand is like growing a personality. Everything we do says something about who we are and in a brand’s case, about how it is perceived. If consumer perceptions shape a brand’s success, then it is crucial for brands to behave consistently compellingly throughout the user journey.

By Thomas Marzano

Brands are brands and people are people. Ostensibly they are not the same. Different objectives, different entities. If we look at consumers’ feelings and reactions towards brands however – their rational and emotional responses to products, services and interactions with the company – you quickly realize that people tend to judge brands much like we judge people.

We are all more likely to connect with a company if its behavior reflects similar values and beliefs as our own. Additionally, as people we adapt our behavior to audiences, settings and circumstances and what we expect from a brand is not all too dissimilar. This means that only if a brand can maintain sincere integrity, and demonstrates values shared by the target consumer across all of its products, services, activities and interactions, it can truly be embraced.

And there lies the two-fold challenge for global brands: Determine a clear and single-minded consumer-centric ‘personality’ and bringing this to life consistently and coherently across all relevant touch points.

One voice, global audience

One would argue this has always been the case and although this is largely true, the importance of tailoring to consumer needs and consistency in behaving in a way true to who you are, have never been more crucial. In today’s Digital age every consumer has a global voice. One slip up, one bad product, one flawed service experience and one unfortunate or off-brand piece of communications can indirectly reach millions, and thereby damage reputations.

So while people will make mistakes and not everything can be perfect, the framework for excellence should be. A framework in which a brand has defined ‘who’ it wants to be, defined what consumers expect it to be and defined how to bring this to life consistently.

Marry needs and value

It all starts by marrying target consumers’ needs with the brand’s own vision of value for society. Take Philips Beauty for example. Philips’ mission for Beauty could be described as easy as developing beautiful technology that delivers visible results.

We know from over 100 years of experience that Philips can be trusted to deliver meaningful technological innovations. Millions of women every day use Philips products for hair care, skincare and hair removal, and what they tell us is that they value speed, effectiveness (visible results) and a pleasant user experience (beautiful technology). This means that both consumer needs and the company’s capabilities for value-add, combine into a fruitful marriage.

Consumer journey mapping

But that is the first step only. The second step for a brand is bringing this to life across everything that it does. Carefully mapping out the consumer journey and for each step along the way defining how to bring to life this mission, this identity, this personality consistently and compellingly. Every single touch point, from product benefits and product design, to packaging, customer service, in-store displays, ATL materials, and digital and mobile channels, everything will need to ‘feel’, in this case, Philips Beauty, and live up to the brand’s promise throughout the full 360˚ user experience.

It’s not an easy challenge perhaps, but therefore all the more exciting. Who you are as a brand is how you are perceived. And how you are perceived is how you behave. And just like we prefer our friends to behave well, so too do we expect from the brands around us. More than ever now.

Thomas Marzano is Global Head of Brand Communication Design at Royal Philips and the lead for its Beauty Brand Communications Design. He will be speaking about  Beauty at the heart of the consumer experience at Beauty 2.0 Summit  in Paris, November 12 10 2013.


Download the Beauty 2.0 app and start networking now!

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If you are one of the beauty brands, mark your agenda! 12 & 13 November 2013, Paris Marriott Opera Ambassador Hotel we invite you to join the stars of digital media at the EXCLUSIVE, one-of-a-kind experience. Come to the conference, stay for the lavish cocktail reception & Beauty 2.0 Awards ceremony.

We have created with our partner Attendify, Beauty 2.0 app to help you start networking BEFORE the event and like-minded professionals.

index         index5

This mobile app has following functionality:


Make your profile now, it will make it easy to break the ice and connect with others. Attendees can broadcast a personal objective such as “looking for business partnerships” to maximize their effectiveness.



Attendees can write messages and post them directly to the timeline. They can also send private message to setup meetings and connect one-on-one. Privacy  settings are available to block unwanted messages.



Take photos directly from the app and post them to the timeline. Sharing photos is easy and fun way to connect.


Conference guide

See the event schedule, speaker & sponsor profiles, maps, follow the twitter hashtag and more.



Submit your vote from the preselected top 5 per category. The winner will be determined based on 100% consumer’s vote. I have until 4th of November!

vote Beauty 2.0


Have not registered for the event yet?

Go to Beauty 2.0 Awards and Summit website now!

Meet our judges: Gabriele Fuchs

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Gabriele Fuchs

Gabriele is the founder of webportalis, an international PR network reaching out to more than 10,000 editors, providing them with the latest product and market information.

She has over 30 years of experience in the cosmetics industry, covering marketing and product development and public relations. Initially, Gabriele never planned on working for the beauty industry, but when she landed her first job with a make-up company, she discovered her creative potential and passion for beauty and everything it concerns. After a successful career  in the cosmetics industry, Gabriele decided to found her own company as she wanted to put her energy and enthusiasm into own projects and develop them with the attention she thought necessary.

„When I developed the concept for beautypress, my first platform, I wanted to create a tool to help companies distribute their press releases in a focused and cost-efficient way. At the same time, I aimed at helping editors by making their daily research faster and easier in times where deadlines get shorter”, Gabriele says. In a constant learning and developing process, she became one of the experts for digital PR. „From the start, I wanted to develop an international PR network, but being a pioneer in that field, my perseverance was challenged as I was trying to implement something that was a unique concept at that time.”

Having a presence in 8 countries, with its platforms covering 4 sectors – beauty, fashion, medical and interior design – the future of the expanding network looks promising.

We have an honor having Gabriele speaking at our annual innoCos Europe conference and also an a judge for the Beauty 2.0 Awards in Paris on November 12&13 2013.

Here is a recording from her presentation in Nice, France in 2013:

Want to meet Gabriele in person? Join us in Paris on November 12-13 at Beauty 2.0 Summit 2013!

Beauty 2.0 Award Finalists Announced

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Finalists of the inaugural Beauty 2.0 Awards ( ) have been selected.

innoCos events ( organiser of the first-ever awards, celebrating and honoring Innovation in Digital Marketing for Beauty Brands and Retailer, received an overwhelming response to the call for nominations. Over 300 award entries were received from beauty companies around the world. After much deliberation and critical review, our judges selected 5 top brands from each of 10 categories (listed in alphabetical order):

Best Beauty Blog

  • Be(you)tiful blog  
  • Makeup Geek  
  • Pretty Proof   
  • The Beauty Department  
  • The Formula Blog  

Best Beauty Brand Online

  • Cover Girl
  • Lancome
  • Rimmel London
  • Urban Decay

Best Blog by a Beauty Brand

  • Socialise by Illamasqua
  • Makeup by L’Oreal
  • MyShowcase
  • The Body Shop
  • The Glossy by Sephora

Best e-Commerce Website

  • Bobby Brown
  • FeelUnique
  • Sephora
  • The Body Shop
  • Aveda

Best Facebook

  • Nu Skin
  • Playboy Parfumes France
  • Rimmel London
  • Studio Gear Cosmetics
  • The Beauty Box

Best Mobile App

  • L’Occitane
  • Make-up-for-ever
  • MatchMaker by True Match by L’Oreal
  • NYX Cosmetics Mobile
  • Thierry Mugler Angel

Best Online Video

  • Axe (Lynx) Rise Up: Stay Alert!
  • Dove Real Beauty Sketches
  • Five Million Rubles for the Transformation of Young Gymnasts from Pantene Pro-V
  • Re-Plasty – The Unexpected Project by Helena Rubinstein
  • Total Perfector – Irresistible Smoothness by Biotherm Homme

Best Pinterest

  • Ciate
  • Fresh
  • FudgeHair
  • L’Occitane
  • Sephora

Best Twitter

  • @Avon UK
  • @Clinique_us
  • @Maybeline
  • @OldSpice
  • @benefitbeauty

Best Website

  • Benefit Cosmetics
  • Dior
  • Guerlain
  • Mary Kay
  • Rimmel London

Starting from today you can see the finalist and vote for the best beauty brand online at 


every vote counts!

The Awards Ceremony will take place in a different country each year. To start things off on a high note, this year’s Awards Ceremony will be at the heart of Europe’s cosmetic capital, Paris, and it will then take center stage in New York in 2014, moving to Shanghai and other high profile destinations on an annual basis thereafter.

Irina Kremin, a member of the organisation says:” Beauty industry invests more and more in digital marketing with a main goal to get closer to the customer. They want us to Like & Love your brand. Thus why don’t we ask the customers who they love the most? Let’s give it a test! Such competition of global and local brands can be the reality check for beauty brands to show who they really like the most. Now who will receive the award in Paris this year? The battle is on!”

The beautiful awards trophy in the shape of the letter “C” – from the innoCos logo (innoCos events), and which stands for Cosmetics, is designed by Fasten, an international company who shares a passion for design, packaging and cosmetics.

The winners of each award category will be announced at the reception of Beauty 2.0 Awards Summit in Paris on 12th November, where senior executives from L’Oreal, Boots, Coty, Beauty Box and more top brands, will share their strategies on maximizing digital and online marketing initiatives.

For more details and to reserve your seat please go to Beauty 2.0 Awards and Summit website

Beauty 2.0 summit

About InnoCos
The international InnoCos events have not only set a goal to organize exciting presentations, rousing speeches and inspiring workshops, but also bring together representatives and leading professionals from the fields of marketing,  consumer insights,  front end innovation, branding, product development and packaging in the cosmetics industry promoting networking to challenge and inspire.

About Beauty 2.0
Beauty 2.0 Awards Summit  is an extension of the annual InnoCos conferences in Europe and USA and focuses on maximizing digital initiatives through online marketing, social media, e-commerce and mobile strategies for beauty brands.

How to talk to mums and the battle is on!

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Beauty industry is nowadays one of the most interesting things to watch how they engage and become more and more popular in the social media digital world.

The fixation on the celebrity culture and the influence of expensive advertising is still continuing to drive sales as many years ago, while social media brings “reality check” to this perfect world of Beauty. And beauty brands need to find a balance and satisfy both: appetite of women to be inspired by beautiful celebrities and models and at the same time keep it real.

Here what Carrie Longton, co-founder of Mumsnet says about what is the best way to talk to mums and what marketing would work for them.

So what the mums want? Yes they do want to be inspired and believe in miracles but at the same time they don’t want to be brainwashed, they want a honest conversation, they want to be treated like intelligent people. A fake lashes in the advertising of the new mascara will not work for them. Do they suppose to make you think that your lushes will look like fake when you use the mascara?

If this kind of marketing does not work, what would? What Carrie Longton says: “ a honest conversation”. “Moms are interested to find out more about new products.

  • When they see some specific measurement tools presented which measure wrinkles – they want to know how these tools work?
  • They want to hear the story about how the brand came up with an idea of this new face cream, perfume, hair product.
  • Who came up with the idea of this product?
  • How it has been created?
  • Where the brand sourced the ingredients?

Tell the story and get the customers involved or even better: make them help you to create a new product – “this is how you can create a customer for life.”- says Carrie Longton.

If you like to learn more about how to use storytelling to provide memorable experiences to your customers through storytelling, join us at Beauty 2.0 Summit in Paris on 12-13 November and attend the hear our top speaker Lisa Lipkin.

Lisa is the founder of Story Strategies, a consultant that uses her skills and knowledge of storytelling to help organizations identify their core stories and support them to communicate more effectively.

At the Beauty 2.0 Awards & Summit you can learn from Lisa Lipkin as well as many other great speakers from L’Oreal, Coty, Philips, Bold Face, Burberry and more and join the live ceremony honoring the best beauty brands online in 10 categories.

Irina Kremin, a member of the organisation says:

” Beauty industry invests more and more in digital marketing with a main goal to get closer to the customer. They want as to Like & Love your brand. Thus why don’t we ask the customers who they love the most? Let’s give it a test! Such competition of global and local brands can be the reality check for beauty brands to show who they really like the most. Now who will receive the award in Paris this year? The battle is on!”

You can see the finalist and vote for the best beauty brand online – 10 categories – starting from Monday 7th October at and if you like to join the celebration, you can register to attend at

How to win Beauty 2.0 Awards in 3 simple steps

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Are you a Head of Digital Marketing/ eCommerce / Communication?

Would you like to get recognition for the all your hard work in 2013? Now you can! We offer you a chance to win the Beauty 2.0 Award!

Here are 3 simple steps explaining how:

1. See if your brand is already nominated here

2. Add more nominations for as many categories as you feel you can win at Beauty 2.0 Awards website.You got until 30 of September!

3.Come to Paris on November 12 to celebrate and network with the most successful digital marketing and e-Commerce directors! Places are limited and prices start at €295

Learn from the best and save the dates: next year event is in New York, November 12 2014.

See you in Paris in 2013  or New York in 2014!

waiting for the right time

What is the future of Digital Marketing in Beauty? (video)

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Social media channels like Beauty Blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, Mobile apps, Youtube, offer the best route to their customers.

According to the Kingaby research, 79% of customers, who has online shopping experience of cosmetics and beauty products, make their decisions and purchase the products before researching and reviewing the comments from the company’s Facebook and Twitter (Marks, 2012).

And many of beauty brands has been successfully using social media as a way to maintain and build brands. We have seen some of the cosmetics brands who managed to build a brand almost entirely through social media and online marketing.

Beauty products are one of the most fun and easy to promote through online marketing and social media channels and still not many companies are truly understand how to use it. Many of them are still “pushing” their product instead of engaging your customers or how Mr .Georges – Edouard Dias say “ being the coach”.

Here is the video interview last week in Paris where we asked him about the future of digital marketing in beauty industry:

Georges-Edouard DIAS has an extensive knowledge and experience working in digital marketing, he supervised the worldwide development of L’Oreal sales online, which includes operations from every L’Oreal division in Europe, Asia, North and South America. His team was equally responsible for empowering brand communication and advertising through digital : from setting content partnership with leading web portals such as MSN or in China, to rethinking the role of direct communication and customer interaction in the marketing mix, thanks to an integrated CRM & Media approach.

When we look at some of the social media channels, like Facebook for example, there are still too many companies who are doing not much more but posting beautiful pictures of their products. Its so 2012! :-) The most successful brands not only informing their clients about new trends in hair and make up, new findings in skincare, perks and numerous beauty tutorials on how to…look-alike, they truly behaving like a friend, posting inspiration messages like for example this one of Benefits Cosmetics ( 7,566 likes!)

Benefits Cosmetics Facebook


or Dove Real Beauty Sketches (55,974,855 likes!)


What is your favorite beauty


Facebook page?



Mobile App?


nominate your beauty brand online


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